The Young Dubliners

The Young Dubliners

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 “The Guyatone MDm5 delay lives on my pedalboard full time now. The true-bypass switching preserves my tone noticeably; the delay really cuts through the mix well. Also, it’s versatility is vast for a straight-forward delay pedal. I get good uses for both ambient coloration and percussive slap/riff-altering effects. The amount of delay-time can be staggeringly long, or chorus-tight. And it stands up well under my stomping foot on stage! All in all, a great pedal.”

-Bob Boulding, The Young Dubliners

The Young Dubliners is an American rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1988. Their style of music has come to be called Celtic Rock, for the fusion of Irish traditional instruments and music with modern rock